The Sunbeam Project

Hope for a bright future

First Harvest January 2011



Here it rained all month so we turned the soil to plant more vegetables. 







Sowing the

The yields were very good; we planted carrots using double digging method and we are getting the best out of them. The beetroot did well too, but there was not market for them.



Sunbeam Project children
admiring and eating
the carrots






 We sold the first batch of cabbages easily but the price was low due to high supply from other farmers. Our caulifower it now folding the first leaf.


Our herbal medicine garden was unlucky; it was trampled by a passing elephant!



Our nursery teacher, Justine (left) and her friends are surprised by the size of the carrots. 


So far we have sold $50 worth of cabbages. We expect to get more from the sale of the carrots.




Sunbeam Project child
weeds the beetroot



The children celebrated their Christmas on vegetables and a little chopped meat. It was fun.


We plan to start another vegetable garden close to Rubuguri township where there is more access to a market.


If we had resources we would include mushroom growing because there is a high demand for them.


The next crop:
Young cauliflower seedlings 



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