The Sunbeam Project

Hope for a bright future


Following only two years after the inauguration of The Sunbeam Project and one year after commencement of the building of the first classrooms, the members of the community come together in a spirit of enthusiasm to commence work on building a dormitory for the orphanage.


It is back-breaking work but by sharing the load the men of the village show that many hands make light work.










A press is used to make mud bricks.









In March 2013 the building rose out of the earth from which it was made.







Andy in April we see it really taking shape.









Please deposit your donations direct to

Sunbeam Project
Centenary Rural Development Bank
ACCOUNT: 5820400020

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By placing your donation direct into our bank account you can be sure that no-one is deducting any handling fee and 100% of the money goes to helping the children.