The Sunbeam Project

Hope for a bright future


No-one likes to be in a situation where they need to turn to others for help and that is true of this community. In recognition of that fact, The Sunbeam Project has the following as one of the specific objectives of the organisation:

To inculcate a spirit of teamwork and solidarity in the community for sustainable social and economic development

To this end a range of initiates have been started and are managed by the villagers under the control and tutelage of Sunbeam. Here is a list of the ones currently in operation, with links to additional information.

Each of these activities enable us to pass on valuable skills to the community and provide a source of income both for the villlagers and for the operating costs of the school.


Please deposit your donations direct to

Sunbeam Project
Centenary Rural Development Bank
ACCOUNT: 5820400020

or go to the "Contact Us" page to write, email or phone.

By placing your donation direct into our bank account you can be sure that no-one is deducting any handling fee and 100% of the money goes to helping the children.