The Sunbeam Project

Hope for a bright future

How you can help

Your generous support and donations will help orphans and vulnerable children access education and better living conditions to not only meet their basic needs, but also promise a bright future.

The sponsorship aims to help these children grow up and become responsible citizens and able to help others. It will open up opportunities, enhance their self esteem, grow morally upright and gain knowledge and skills.

Any donation, no matter how small will make a difference to the lives of these children.

You can support the project to achieve its objectives by donating to any category that you wish. You can donate direct to our bank account (see the box in the right margin) or Contact Us for details of other ways to help.

Child sponsorship

You can sponsor a child or children by:

  • paying tuition fees
  • buying scholastic materials
  • paying for clothing
  • providing medical care
Sponsorship of a child costs $300 USD per year. If you do this, we will send you school reports and ask the child to write an occasional letter or (for the little ones) draw you a picture. We will provide full details of the name and personal history of your child and you will be welcome to write, visit and create a personal relationship if you wish.

You can click here to find children seeking a sponsor

Sponsor a staff member

Why not pay the monthly or annual salary of a teacher or one of our other members of staff? They are the ones who provide education, love and guidance day in, day out and are the backbone of our work. We often have trouble paying their salaries and without them our work will stop.

The following table shows the cost for various staff members.

 Role Cost per month
 Teacher USD 145
 Non-teaching staff
 (gardener, cook, administrator)
 USD  45

 Contact Us to discuss your particular interest, or even to sponsor the cost of employing
 the Executive Director or Managing Director.

Sponsor the vegetable garden

The vegetable garden is invaluable to us. It provides food for the children, earns us a small income and is a useful teaching aid. We have to rent the land for our garden, so every month as we improve it, we ask ourselves if the owner will ask for higher rental or for it to be returned.

You can contribute to the cost of us buying our own land, or provide money for tools, seed or labour to work the land.

Contact Us for  more information.

Sponsor the Sunbeam School

Our school is always in need.

You can help by:

  • paying for sports equipment
  • providing scholastic materials (usually we don't have pens, pencils or paper)
  • providing computers
  • donating books and educational materials to our library 
  • arrange for your primary school to twin with The Sunbeam School
  • etc
Contact Us for details of how you can help.

Sponsor the Orphans Troupe

We can't afford to provide classes for the older children who are orphaned, abandoned or at risk in our community, but we do arrange billeting for them in local households, provide counselling and train them in practical skills and hygeine. They dance for tourists to try to raise a little pocket money and this engenders a great deal of cameraderie and self esteem.

You can help by:

  •  buying musical instruments
  • providing costumes
  • funding or running training camps

Contact Us for more information.


You can consider coming to work with us in Uganda for a while, or perhaps do something in your own country such as fund raising or arranging the twinning of your primary school with ours. Have a look at our dedicated Volunteering page.

Twin your school

The Sunbeam School would love to set up a relationship with a primary school in another country. The learning opportunities for both groups of children would be immense. If you have a school that would be interested in twinning with us, then please  Contact Us so that we can discuss the details.

Whatever you like

Donate whatever you like. In this photo taken in 2011 children proudly show their new uniforms and shoes bought using funds raised by a generous donor (Joyce) from USA.

 All of our projects started with someone's idea.


If you want to discuss an idea, then Contact Us.