The Sunbeam Project

Hope for a bright future

Sunbeam Orphans Troupe


Performing a gorilla dance

The older children in the community have been invited to join the Sunbeam Orphans Troupe.

 Although we cannot offer schooling to these children, through their participation in the troupe we keep these orphans united, enthusiastic and healthy. The troupe performs different kinds of dances drawn from many of the different cultures of Uganda. As much as the children are poor, they have a wealth of smiles. It is a true joy to see them perform and they are capable of bringing the heavens down with their traditional dance moves.

 Those children amongst this older group that are really determined to gain an education need to walk two hours each way to the school in the nearest township, Rubuguri.


 The younger ones look on, waiting for their turn to join in

Director, Madam Sayuni Inid is a qualified counsellor, and she is kept busy supporting and advising the children on the whole range of issues that their difficult circumstances present.