The Sunbeam Project

Hope for a bright future

Sunbeam School


From the start of Term 1, 2013 The Sunbeam School is run in two purpose-built classrooms on our own land. The purchase of the land and erection of the school has been made possible by the generous support of the Hamilton-Wentworth Catholic District in Canada, who are one of our major donors. In addition, an American charity LUALP (Light Up a Life Project) donated brick making equipment that facilitated the construction. Click here to see our original classroom.

From our meagre funds that come from other sources we buy scholastic materials, food and medicine. We also give our children parental, moral and psychological support.

Expectant children queue for lunch

Looking after the spiritual health of our children is important. The projects accepts children of all faiths and is committed to ensuring that their religion is respected, while bringing them up with exemplary moral values.

At inception in 2010, the Sunbeam School started by offering education to nursery age children and had an initial intake of 48 pupils. 2011 saw Primary 1 started and in 2012 we are offered Primary 2  with 84 children and 2013 sees the addition of Primary 3 with a total of over 100 enrolled. Year on year additional classes will be added until all classes up to Primary 7 are available. We do not have the funds to offer formal education to all the children in the district, but many older children come and visit our Orphans Troupe to get whatever training and support we can offer.

Our dream is to see every child living comfortably in a secure, clean environment. This however can only be achieved with your help towards building classrooms and boarding facilities.

Attracting teachers to a remote community is an ongoing struggle, and as part of the incentive, we have built a two-room accommodation block next to the classrooms. Click here to photos of the construction.



Volunteers David and Line teach map-reading to a group of Primary 1 students.