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Hope for a bright future

Women of Hope

Sunbeam project has left no stone unturned to help the community. As well as supporting the children, it is hard to look as the mothers of the children die helplessly because of HIV/AIDS. The needs of these innocent beautiful women are as enormous as those of their children.  Out of over a hundred women in Rubuguri Parish, Sunbeam Project has chosen to begin with six women not for the sake of choice but because of limited funds. Some of these ladies have had HIV for more than ten years and their husbands have since died, so they have to fend for their families economically.


The Director, Frances meets with our Women of Hope group

They have continued doing their farming activities. However this has not helped them but has left them tired, weak and emaciated. Sunbeam project has thought hard to give hope to the ladies by providing day to day counseling and guidance services, advising and cajolling the local government to provide Aids drugs, starting some simple economic activities such as knitting, weaving, sewing, and nursery bed management in addition to health and hygiene education. 

 However, the challenge is still so great:

  • there is no money to buy the materials for use they are in poor health and most of them are always bedridden
  • poor feeding and nutition
  • the burden of fending for their families, and
  • stigma makes up their day to day lifestyle.

 If resources allow, Sunbeam Project plans to start a training center for these
ladies so that they can be equipped with skills for their survival so that they
can live positively without much economic burden.

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As one of their more successful projects, the women have taken on rearing rabbits which they both sell to boost their income, and eat to provide valuable nutrition. Click here to read more about the rabbit rearing.